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Ame~ Poor baby.

Is this sparkly enough

お目目 | ぽむ [pixiv] 


Terrifying Realistic Pokémon

NOOOOOO nONONONOnono no no nono nonono


He’s kinda ugly cute right >.>
gamers-to-the-end said: top 5 most underrated anime in your opinion


Shiro Kuma cafe because that show is pure adorableness(panda is my spirit animal because laziness)

there was this anime about  transgendered characters i recently watched and every last one of my followers should watch it called horou musuko

big wind up because all the yaoi under tones ;3 + that orange haired guys facial expressions are hilarious

lastly since im running out of animes its not really underrated but im gonna put kill la kill because ppl see the skimpy outfits call it sexist and shame u for watiching it but its really awesome and there’s actually an explanation for them wearing skimpy costumes and they actually address it in the anime so the sexism excuse goes out the window

i cant think of anymore animes so ill just do  a character if u don’t mind

Connie Springer because people just don’t recognize him as important but without him theres a possibility armin  would have died  when they didnt know where eren was and were trying to get to the supply place with all those titans swarming which leaves a major hole in the story.

i completely forgot buuso renkin that show was amazing an not many people know about it its like extremely amazing >.>.